10.Sınıf İngilizce Sınav Soruları Cevaplarsanız Sevinirim..

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    25 Mart 2013
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    Merhaba Arkadaşlar 10.sınıf ingilizce sınav soruları varda elimde bunları cevaplandırırmısınız?
    Not:Eksik veya yazım hatası olabilir..

    -İngilizce Soruları-

    A-)Put in 'must,musn't,neecln't
    1)We ______ decide now.We can decide later.
    2)I _____ hurry or.I will be late.
    3)It's a wonderful movie.You______ see it.
    4)You _____ tell.Sue what happened I don't want he
    5)We have enough.Food so we _____ go shopping.

    B-)Use 'have to OR has to' with one ......
    1)My eyes aren't very good.I ____ glasses
    2)At the and of we course all the students ____..
    3)mary is studying literature.She ___ a lot a
    4)Albert doesn't unser stand much english.You ____ Spewe very slewly to....
    5)We ______ through Car liste on time way to glasgow.

    C-)Answer the Question(3x5=15P)

    1)What are you going to study at universıty?(English)

    2)What will you drink witen steak?(Coke)

    3)What must you do when the traffic lıguts are green?

    4)What do you have to wear at school?

    5)Which language do you have to speak in England?

    D-)Give Advice to your Friend (Should)
    1)It's raıhing outside and She has to go out.

    2)She's late for work and his director gets angry with

    3)What do you have to wear at school?

    5)Which language do you hawe to speak in England?

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