13. Ünite 126. Sayfa Çevirisi ?

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    3 Nisan 2010
    Ödül Puanları:

    People like learing a foreign language or special languages because they need them for different purpose.Children, adults and old people can learn them when they read, hear or write.

    What about blind people and deaf people? They can learn a special language, too.Deaf people or hard of hearing people use a sign language.A sign language generally uses gestures to communicate.The movements of hands, arms or body and facial expressions **** to show speakers thoughts and ideas.The history of the sign language began in Spain in the 17th century.A sign language has special hand movements for every letter.These movements are not always the same.They generally differ from one region to another or one country to another.

    But it doesn't make bif problems in communication.When they use this language, communication is possible, even in another language.

    There is a language for blind people, too. They use a special language. Louis Braille, a Frenchman invented a system for blind people. He was blind. This system is for reading and writing and there are points like small dots from one to six. Every letter has different dots and people can read these letters when they pass their fingers over the characters.Every language adopted this system.Learning doesn't have excuses.If you want to learn you can learn.Go ahead.Good luck!.

    Arkadaşlar çevirisi iyi olan biri çevirirse çok sevinirim :) Şimdiden teşekkürler, kolay gelsin. :)

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