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  1. Adenozin

    Adenozin Üye

    4 Ekim 2011
    Ödül Puanları:

    A. Fill in the blanks with the “simple past” or “past continuous” forms of the verbs in brackets. (2p x 10=20p)
    1. Miriam __________________ (drive) too fast when the accident ________________ (happen)
    2. I __________________( talk) on the phone when the bell ________________ (ring).
    3. While my husband _________________ (do) shopping, it ________________ (start) to rain.
    4. We ________________ (live)in Ankara when the war _____________________ (start)
    5. His mother ______________ (die) while he _________________ (work) in Antalya.
    B. Report the sentences. (4p x 5=20p)
    1. “I am listening to music.” she said.
    She said _______________________________________________ .
    2. “A baby can’t speak.” he said.
    He said _______________________________________________ .
    3. “We aren’t English.” the students said.
    The students said _______________________________________ .
    4. “I will help my father.” Mark said.
    Mark said _____________________________________________ .
    5. “Drivers don’t obey the traffic rules.” the policeman said.
    The policeman said _____________________________________ .
    C. Change these active sentences to “passive”. (4p x 5=20p)
    1. Shakespeare wrote “ Hamlet”.
    2. Süleyman the Magnificent built the Blue Mosque.
    3. Bell invented the telephone.
    4. My boyfriend washes my car.
    5. American people speak English.

    D. Match.(2p x 5=10p)
    I II
    1. If you heat ice… (_) a)if I stay in London for a year.
    2. If it snows heavily… (_) b)if you don’t study hard.
    3. I will improve my English… (_) c)we will go for a swim.
    4. You will fail your exams… (_) d)the students won’t go to school..
    5. If it is sunny tomorrow… (_) e)it melts.

    E. Choose the correct answer. (3p x 10=30p)
    1. I ____ speak four languages.
    a)can b)am c)had d)have
    2. You ________ smoke. It is not good for your health.
    a) must b)shouldn’t c)should d)may
    3. I am sorry I ________ see you tomorrow. I ________ finish writing this report.
    a)won’t / could b)can’t/shouldn’t c)must/could d)can’t/must
    4. The sun _____ in the east.
    a)rise b)don’t rise c)rises d)doesn’t rise
    5. ____ he _____ coffee?
    a)Does/like b)Do/like c)Do/likes d)Does/likes
    6. I think it ______ tomorrow.
    a)will raining b)will rain c)is going rain d)will going to rain
    7. If the weather is nice tomorrow, we _______ for a picnic.
    a) would go b)would have gone c)will go d)should have gone
    8. I ______ my brother _____ last November.
    a) haven’t see/since b)haven’t seen/for c)have seen/for d)haven’t seen/since
    9. I ____________ a king.
    a)have never see b)have ever seen c)have never seen d)have ever see
    10. _____ they _____ in a village?
    a) Have/ever live b)Have/ever lived c)Have/never lived d)Have/never live

    V1 V2 V3
    Build Built Built
    Die Died died
    Discover Discovered Discovered
    Do did Done
    Drive Drove Driven
    Export exported Exported
    Happen Happened happened
    İnvent invented İnvented
    Live Lived Lived
    Make Made Made
    Prepare Prepared Prepared
    Ring Rang Rung
    Sell Sold sold
    Speak Spoke Spoken
    Start Started Started
    Talk Talked talked
    Wash Washed Washed
    Work Worked worked
    Write Wrote written
  2. Adenozin

    Adenozin Üye

    4 Ekim 2011
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