8.sınıf İngilizce 5.Ünite Testi

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    16 Kasım 2009
    Ödül Puanları:

    1. A journalist is a person who ________.

    A) A) builds buildings
    B) B) writes articals for newspaper
    C) C) fly planes
    D) D) travels in space

    2. I like meals which ________.

    A) A) wear jeans
    B) B) are made of silk
    C) C) are ****cious
    D) D) like questions

    3. A kettle is an instrument ________.

    A) A) which is used for washing clothes
    B) B) which is funny
    C) C) was abaut the earthquake
    D) D) which is used for boiling water

    4. A kangaroo is an animal ________.

    A) A) is very comfortable
    B) B) which carries its baby in a pocket
    C) C) who ****vers letters and parcels
    D) D) which flies

    5. I don’t like girls ________.

    A) A) who are late
    B) B) hate questions
    C) C) which walks very slowly
    D) D) which imitates human sound

    6. A parrot is an animal which ________.

    A) A) which like cheese
    B) B) is used for transporting
    C) C) imitates human sound
    D) D) judges people in a court

    7. ________ is a device which is used for listening music

    A) A) A washing machine
    B) B) A dishwasher
    C) C) An iron
    D) D) A walkman

    8. A calculator is a device which ________.

    A) A) washes clothes in a shortime
    B) B) makes and sells bread
    C) C) is used for mathematical calculations
    D) D) is used for ironing clothes

    9. ________ is a person who teaches English

    A) A) An English teacher
    B) B) A butcher
    C) C) An air hostess
    D) D) A greengrocer

    10. A lorry is a vecihle ________.

    A) A) which is used for making notes.
    B) B) which is used for sharpening pencils
    C) C) which is used for drinking water
    D) D) which is used for transporting

    1. b
    2. c
    3. d
    4. b
    5. a
    6. c
    7. d
    8. c
    9. a
    10. d
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