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    18 Haziran 2011
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    :330:Cevaplarını istemeyin vermem.Siz bulun çalışın ve böylelikle hazıra konmayıp öğreneceksiniz emin olun.
    9.Sınıf İngilizce Ortalama Yükseltme ve Sorumluluk Sınavı Soruları
    1. Melisa never ….home late.
    a) came b) will come
    c) comes d) has come
    2. How many books….you…. so far?
    a)have / read b) did / readed
    c) has / read d) are / reading
    3. My uncle……his car when we saw him.
    a) is washing b) was washing
    c) washed d) washes
    4. My friends…….holiday last month.
    a) are going on b) must go
    c) went on d) has gone
    5. Students ……an important exam now.
    a) taking b) have taken
    c) took d) are taking
    6. You……go to school at the weekends.
    a) must b) don’t have to
    c) should d) could
    7. Her grandmother……very beautiful.
    a) used to b) didn’t used to be
    c) used to be d)was used to
    8. I …ride a bike now but I ….when I was 2 years old.
    a) can / can b)could / can
    c) could / could d) can / couldn’t
    9. The road is icy so the drivers … drive slowly.
    a) don’t have to b) must
    c) could d) mustn’t
    10. If the weather is very cold, …………….
    a) wear thin clothes b) drink cold water
    c) take your umbrella d) wear warm clothes
    11. If they invite me to the party,…..
    a) I may go b) I could go
    c) I went d) I am go
    12. If you boil water, …………….
    a) it may evaporate b) it will evaporate
    c) it evaporate d) it evaporates
    13. If you see a black cat,……
    a) it brings good luck b) it brings bad luck
    c) you will become rich d) you will be happy
    14. He is a person who grows vegetables.
    a) doctor b) teacher
    c) farmer d) fireman
    15. It is a tool……we use to cut something
    a) which b) where
    c) whose d) whom
    16. Ankara is a city…..you can meet politicians
    a) whose b) which
    c) whom d) where
    17. This is my friend ….parents live in England.
    a) who b) whom
    c) whose d) which
    18. This is the town…we visited last year.
    a) which b) where
    d) when d) while
    19. Do you know the boy…Ayşe is talking to now?
    a) who b) which
    c) whose d) whom
    20. February is …..month of the year.
    a) shorter than b) shortest
    c) the shortest d) longest
    21. Summer is ………winter.
    a) hotter than b) as hot as
    c) the hottest d) hotter
    22. The comparative form of bad is…
    a) better b) worse
    c) badder d) more bad
    23. The comparative form of many is….
    a) more b) manier
    c) mostly d) more many
    24. Let’s go to the cinema, ………..?
    a) aren’t you b) will you
    c) shall we d) why not

    25) I am telling you the truth, ………?
    a) aren’t you b) aren’t I
    c) shall we d) haven’t I
    26. You have to go to school on weekdays,…….?
    a) don’t you b) do you
    c) haven’t you d) have you
    27. Don’t come home late,………….?
    a) do you b) will you
    c) don’t you d) shall we
    28. Your father works at a school,………….?
    a) won’t he b) didn’t he
    c) doesn’t he d) isn’t he
    29. The robbers have taken a lot of money,………?
    a) aren’t they b) haven’t they
    c) didn’t they d) shall we
    30. Ayşe is a hardworking student….her brother is so lazy.
    a) in spite of b) however
    c) whereas d) although
    31. She doesn’t like milk._____, she has to drink it everyday.
    a) Despite b) although
    c) yet d) however
    32. He can’t play basketball well…….he is very tall.
    a) yet b) despite
    c) however d) although
    33. ……her illness, she went to work yesterday.
    a) despite b) although
    c) in spite d) whereas
    34. ….sun rises in….morning.
    a) a / the b) the / the
    c) the / an d) a / an
    35. There is .. man outside. ….man is asking for you.
    a) the / the b) a / a
    c) a / the d) the / a
    36. What is your best friend like?
    a) He likes ice cream b) He likes playing games
    c) He is tall and thin d) He is very kind
    37. What does Hidayet Türkoğlu look like?
    a) He likes basketball b) He is very tall
    c) He likes his family d) He is successful
    38. Mr Rich has got….. money.
    a) much b) many
    d) a lot of d) any
    39. Would you like to drink…..coffee?
    a) some b) any
    c) many d) nothing
    40. Atatürk was born …Salonika …1881.
    a) in / at b) in / in
    b) on / in d) at / in
    41. Cihanbeyli is a town ….Konya …..Ankara.
    a) between / and b) in / at
    c) before/ after d) in / after
    42. Mr. Poor hasn’t got ….. money to buy this car.
    a) too b) enough
    c) so d) such
    43. I can’t drink this coffee. It is…….hot.
    a) enough b) not enough
    c) since d) too
    44. He is driving….fast. He may have an accident.
    a) enough b) too
    c) not d) more
    45. He is a ….mechanic. He mends the cars …..
    a) careful/ careless b) successful / careful
    c) successful / successfully d) carefully / carefully
    46. When she saw the accident, she……
    a) shocked b) was shocking
    c) was shocked d) didn’t shocked
    47. Today it is … . We can go for picnic.
    a) sun b) cold
    c) wind d) sunny
    48. Which one is different?
    a) pencil b) water
    c) milk d) bread
    49. Mike has lived here…..1999.
    a) for b) from
    c) since d) so far
    50. The firemen came and ….. the fire an hour ago.
    a) put off b) put out
    c) turn off d) put up

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