Adjectives & Adverbs (Sıfatlar & Zarflar) 2

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    29 Eylül 2008
    Ödül Puanları:

    1. If you are unsure whether to take steps into investing in the stock market, let's consult Mike as he always provides ........ advice.

    A) exaggerated
    B) implausible
    C) inevitable
    D) reasonable
    E) valueless

    2. We would be using our own copying machine, but you did not make use of it ........, so it broke down.

    A) adequately
    B) properly
    C) cheaply
    D) wastefully
    E) arrogantly

    3. The eight question might have been ....... ea***r because almost every student answered it correctly.

    A) more
    B) hardly
    C) rather
    D) by far
    E) further

    4. The role of television in this modern era has diminished ........ as it has been replaced by the computer to a great extent.

    A) systematically
    B) considerably
    C) hardly
    D) proportionally
    E) vaguely

    5. I had to spend 5 minutes on the 3rd question and had great difficulty answering it. I think it was ......... of all.

    A) more confusing than
    B) as confusing as
    C) the most confused
    D) more confusing as
    E) the most confusing

    6. Enrica seems very desperate because she is typing ......... to complete the monthly sales report.

    A) too slowly
    B) much slowly
    C) slow enough
    D) rather slowly
    E) fast enough

    7. I have bought ......... useful reference books ......... I don't know which one I will start first.

    A) so many / that
    B) such a lot / that
    C) too many / as
    D) so few / than
    E) so much / than

    8. No ........ country has developed in textile as to supercede the States ........ China.

    A) more / than
    B) so / that
    C) such / as
    D) some / like
    E) much / than

    9. Remains ....... castles form a substantial part of a city's both historical and cultural richness.

    A) as
    B) like
    C) similar
    D) also
    E) alike

    10. It took us ...... long to reach the camping-site .......... I regretted not having stayed at home instead.

    A) such / as
    B) further / than
    C) enough / as
    D) so / that
    E) so / as



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