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    Chess How Found?
    Chess 570 to 600 were found in India between the years. Game finds Brahman priest asked the Shah to give a lecture. "You're a human being no matter how important, soldiers, viziers, are useless without men, nothing you can not." Meant. Shah game, liked the message and what language you want from me (!), "He said.
    The priest, who should receive the Shah is still not receiving lessons in mind, and wanted to give people a lesson, "I want a quantity of wheat," he said and continued: "I found the game 1 1 for the square of grain; 2 2 for the square of grain; 3 for the 4-square, 4 8 for the square of grain; 5 to the square of 16 ", ... and so each frame will be twice the number of wheat in the calculation of the number of wheat and I want to give me."
    He willingly willingly as one of the angry nun who want a little wheat Shah, the right not to give a wheat grain ordered even more.
    Account went easy at first. 10. frame when they have to give a total of 1023 wheat. (Is about a handful of wheat.) 15 frame needs to give only 1.5 kilograms of wheat. 25. what is necessary to give more than 1.5 tons of wheat to see if the frame is heyecanlanmamışlar.32. understands what is necessary to give the frame is 184 tons of wheat had noticed that the joke in this business. 49. frame required to give 24 million tons of wheat. (An annual wheat production in Turkey.) 54 frame have to give 771 million tons. (The world wheat production of 1.5 years.) And 64th frame required to give complete, total annual grain production of wheat in the world today 1500 measurements.

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