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  1. Ela Yaren

    Ela Yaren Üye

    3 Kasım 2009
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    bir gaziyle ingizilizce rapörtaj yapılacak yarına gerekli yardımlarınızı bekliyorum


  2. Moderatör Özlem U.

    Moderatör Özlem U. Özel Üye Özel Üye

    13 Ocak 2010
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    Mehmet Selim Kara:
    Every man is proud of the history and memories are integrated. 79 years of success and happiness in my life I've seen a lot. Too far away from my country, I joined the war for world peace .. this is my greatest pride is at the front in Korea.
    Today, many people instead of Mehmet Selim Kara "KOREL" he will appeal. "KOREL" I turn to the name of the Korean War veterans as a reward for my people gave me. This award today, "Mehmet Selim Kara" in front of the name of protecting its place. Place among the great memories of the Korean War affect my whole life. Working across my desk, closet awards, silt, berats, medals are in short Köşem honor. Among them, there is a special place in my jacket was on the madalyalarımın and badges. This jacket reminds me the Korean War for the dignity and weight of the past, I wear only on special occasions. This jacket has been replaced many medals are priceless sentimental value.
    The coat is about two medals in all but the Korean War.
    The first reward, the United Nations and Korea, the Korea Medal. When finished in 1951, before the United Nations after the Korean War in the Korean government gave medals. You watched the medal given by the Turkish Veterans Association Veterans. Korean War and provided the Turkish military's contribution to world peace, we saw and appreciated. They are a source of pride for us.
    I keep it in the fridge to Korea, where memories of Madalyalarımın and exhibit other. For example, for 1950 the construction of a Baretta pistol brand. This gift of an American officer. Very tough and I did a reconnaissance-surveillance-driver also became successful. American officers, carried the gun in his pocket as a souvenir verdi.1942 me of an American-made flask. I keep with the original case.
    Peace 50 Because of a ceremony, an international protocol for the completion of a Turk had to be included in the protocol. I was sitting with the ambassador. Ambassador to the protocol I wanted to get back. I also "a generals with us, I am going away would not be appropriate when there is a pasha," I said. Pasha, "I went to as a veteran officer of the court I am not, I did not see combat, he said, this is your right." Respect for authority because of the Pasha, and he insisted it go left. Thanked the Protocol, and then began to announcements. Foreign ambassadors were announced top-level officials, the Turkish delegation, my name, "Mehmet Selim Kara" was announced. Us 50th president of the General Staff year awarded. In addition, the Veterans Association of Veterans in Turkey gave us a charter.
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