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    7 Mart 2010
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    Macy: Hello, Tim. How are you?
    Tim: Hello, Macy. I don't feel well today.
    Macy: What's the matter with you?
    Tim: I have a sore throat.
    Macy: You mustn't drink cold water.
    Tim: I never drink cold water. I don't like it.
    Macy: You musn't eat an ice cream.
    Tim: I never eat ice cream. I don't like it.
    Macy: You must see a doctor, then.
    Tim: I can't see a doctor. I am afraid of them
    Macy: Listen to me! If you see a doctor, you will feel much better. Go home and have a rest now
    Tim: OK, Macy. Goodbye
    Macy: Goodbye.

    Alan : Good morning.
    Chemist: Good morning. Can I **** you?
    Alan : Yes, please. I cut my finger yesterday. I put a plaster on it, but I've got a terrible pain in my hand. Can you give me some medicine for the pain?
    Chemist: I'm afraid I can't, but I think you need some antibiotics.
    Alan : Can I have some antibiotics now?
    Chemist: I'm afraid I can't sell you antibiotics.
    Alan : What must I do?
    Chemist: You must see a doctor. The doctor will give you a prescription.
    Alan : Okay. Where is the nearest doctor's surgery?
    Chemist: There's one in Park Street.
    Alan : How can I go there?
    Chemist: Go down the street. Turn right.
    That's Park street. The surgery is the third building on the left.
    Alan : Thank you very much
    Chemist: You're welcome. Goodbye.

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