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    9 Kasım 2010
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    Same Face Same Voice
    Christina and Pamela are identical twin sisters. They are 15 years old. Funny things happen to them because their face and voice are the same. Actually, they also have some differences. For example, Christina is more hardworking and quieter than Pamela. She works at a clothes shop in the summer time. Pamela is more sociable and active, but she doesn’t like working in summer time.
    One day, Christina goes to work again and Pamela goes to play golf with her friends. Christina tells her mother to pick her up at 9.30 and then to pick Pamela at 10.00, Pamela calls her mom at 08.30 and says;“I’m done. Come, and pick me up, please. Mom thinks that it is Christina and goes to Christina’s clothes shop.When she sees Christina is not ready she gets angry and says; “you are not ready but you call me!” Christina smiles and says; “it’s not me, mom.You stil confuce our voice. Her mom waits for Christina for 45 minutes.Then they go to pick Pamela up together.Pamela is waiting for her mom. She gets angry because her mom is late. Her mom says;don’t say anything, just get into the car. They go home together. Twins look at each other and smile.
    Now, Christina and Pamela always say their names first when they call their mom.

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