Conjunctions (Bağlaçlar)

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    29 Eylül 2008
    Ödül Puanları:

    . It is very unsafe to walk alone at night ........ it is too dark to realize crimes.

    a) when
    b) until
    c) by the time
    d) even if
    e) meanwhile

    2. Let's not go anywhere at the weekend. The weather reports say it is going to be rainy; ........., we have a project to complete then.

    a) therefore
    b) nonetheless
    c) yet
    d) moreover
    e) as a result

    3. Zeynep hurt her ankle, .......... she cannot attend her swimming lessons for a while.

    a) for
    b) but
    c) still
    d) anyway
    e) so

    4. ........ the high decrease in inflation, our currency seems to have increased in value.

    a) Thanks to
    b) Despite
    c) As far as
    d) What's more
    e) However

    5. Neset is in the habit of revising just once ...... Özgür never understands a subject ....... he revises it for at least three times.

    a) but / in case
    b) although / thus
    c) whereas / unless
    d) though / in case
    e) besides / or


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