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  1. maverick_011

    maverick_011 Üye

    15 Kasım 2008
    Ödül Puanları:

    Arkadaşlar yazdığım cümleleri lütfen tam anlamıyla çevirmenizi istiyorum.Mantıklı olması önemli.

    1-)It was almost time for the new school year to begin.The school year was about to start.

    2-)A woman from the school went to the airport in her car.She met Marlin and gave him a ride.She picked him up.

    3-)Teaching in Boston would be exciting but difficult for him,ıt would be a big challenge

    4-)The first dat of school was very,very surprising to Marlin.It was a shock.

    5-)One student newno Chinese.The student did not know any Chinese at all.

    6-)Marlin was in the mıddle of teaching.He wasn't thinking about the and of class.Then suddenly,class was over.

    7-)In one class,all the students were beginners.They were all at the same level.

    :cool:Marlin didn't know what to do with his classes at first.He didn't now how to deal with them.

    9)The students in Marlin's second class listened quietly and acted like nice people.They seemed polite.

    10-)Marlin will remember Boston with a smile.He will have happy memories of his experience

    11-)It's parent's job to teach his or her children to be polite

    12-)Our dinner turned out to be much more expensive than we expected.The cost came as a shock.

    13-)I like to look at old photos of my friends.The picture bring back good memories.

    14-) We went to find our friends any say good-bye.They were about to leave for the airport.

    15-)When you take a course,do you want ıt to be really easy?Or do you like a challennge?

    16-)I can't play tennis with him.He is too good.I'm not at his level.

    17-)We were in the car,driving along,and then suddenly, a cat ran into the street

    1:cool:Bob and Sonia had trouble planning their wedding.They had to deal with many problems.

    19-)What time does your train arrive?I can come and pick you up

    20-)I don't now her at all.We have never even met.
  2. Moderatör Özlem U.

    Moderatör Özlem U. Özel Üye Özel Üye

    13 Ocak 2010
    Ödül Puanları:
    1-o neredeyse yeni okul yılına başladı.öğretim yılı başladı.
    2-okuldan bir kadın arabasıyla havaalanına gitti.O Marlinle bir araya geldi ve onunla bir gezinti yaptı. onu aldı.
    3-Boston'da Öğretim heyecan verici ama onun için zor büyük bir sorun olacağını düşünüyordu.
    4-okulun 1.günü çok sürpriz oldu marline.bu büyük şoktu.

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