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    18 Mart 2010
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    arkadaşlar yardımım dokunduysa tşk. botununa basmanız yeterli :330:

    açıklama:ark. sonny: Evlat bully: Zorbalık yap demektir kafanız karışmasın

    Sonny : hey! listen to this!

    Bully :mmh!

    Sonny :listen to this letter.

    Bully :well?

    Sonny :dear sir, you have won €200000. yours faithfully, the universal lottery ltd.

    Bully :€200000?

    Sonny :yes, isn't it wonderful? I can't believe it.

    Bully : it is not true.

    Sonny :yes it is true! we must tell it to all our friends.

    Bully : no,we mustn't. they will ask for money and they will be jealous of us.

    Sonny :we must leave this house and buy a new one.

    Bully : wait a minute! steady on!

    Sonny :look, we are rich. we can do what we like.€200000!

    Bully : ok,then. first of all, we will buy a big house.

    Sonny :yes. hurray! we can give parties there.

    Bully : no, we can't. I don't like a lot of people around me.

    Sonny :can we have pets there? I have always wanted to have a pet. a dog, perhaps?

    Bully : no, of course not. pets are difficult to look after. you can't go on haliday with a pet. do you know that?

    Sonny :I promise I will arrange everything for a dog. we will feel safe with a dog. please, please,please!

    Bully : alright, but not in the house.

    Sonny :thank you. shal we give some money to the poor people?

    Bully : why? it is our money.

    Sonny :but we have got enough money to **** the poor people.

    Bully : we will think about it later. what about car? what make of car should I buy?

    Sonny :what about me? I want a car, too.

    Bully : you don't need a car. we can travel together.

    Sonny :I need a car. who does all the running errands? it is my job. you don't work. you just sit at home and watch tv. I work and do all the housework, too. I am too tired to do everything.

    Bully : hey! don't shout at me! I am older than you. ıf you shout at me again, you will not come with me to the new house.

    Sonny :do you think we will be happy with money? I am not sure about it.:shy:
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