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    30 Kasım 2011
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    :gap:arkadaşlar cuma gününe ingilizceden performans ödevim var konusu:
    iyi arkadaşlarla kötü arkadaşların özelliklerini anlatan bir konu araştırıp bunu karton üzerinde resimlendireceğiz.yardım ederseniz çok sevinirim ve teşekkür ederim. :330::p:cry::ninja: :shy:
  2. rabia_1801

    rabia_1801 Üye

    21 Eylül 2011
    Ödül Puanları:
    İngilizce iyi bir arkadaş nasıl olur

    Friends are the family we choose ourselves. Unlike your brother or sister, whom you have to accept no matter you like them or not, but a friend is chosen by us. And, if you find a good friend, you have found yourselves a treasure and it is up to you to retain this treasure or lose it. Follow these tips to retain the person in your life.


    Everyone likes it when some one is giving attention to the problems and help them solving. Remember, People will not come to you to pay attention to you but for the attention you pay to them.


    The best way to enter into one’s heart is to give an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. Don’t forget the important dates like Birthday etc. On birthday, be the first one to wish like at 12 am exactly.


    If you have downloaded songs or movies of your friend’s favourite artist, share with him/her.

    4) BE FRANK

    Tell your friend your secrets like your crush or your first crime etc. Dont forget to mention that he/she is the first person to whom you are disclosing these secrets of yours.


    It breaks everybody’s heart when that persons get to know that you have been lying about something, no matter how small.

    Your friend loves you for the person you are and not the person have been faking.


    When ever you do something wrong like getting late for picking him/her up etc, Apologize.


    I’ll Be Here
    I cannot ease your aching heart,
    Nor take your pain away;
    But let me stay and take your hand
    And walk with you today.
    I’ll listen when you need to talk,
    I’ll wipe away your tears;
    I’ll share your worries when they come,
    I’ll help you face your fears.
    I’m here and I will stand by you,
    On each hill you have to climb;
    So take my hand, let’s face the world. . .
    And live just one day at a time.
    You’re not alone, for I’m still here,
    I’ll go that extra mile;
    And when your grief is ea***r,
    I’ll help you learn to smile!
  3. rabia_1801

    rabia_1801 Üye

    21 Eylül 2011
    Ödül Puanları:
    İngilizce olarak iyi kötü arkadaşın özellikleri

    There are these four types can be seen to be good or true friends. They are orderly:

    1. one who is helpful,
    2. one who is the same in happy and unhappy times,
    3. one who points out what is good for you, and
    4. one who is sympathetic.

    1. The first good friend, who is helpful, has four characteristics:

    (1) looking for you when you are desperate,
    (2) looking for your possessions when you unconscious,
    (3) being a refuge for you when in trouble, and
    (4) letting you have twice what you ask for when some business is to be done.

    2. The second good friend, who is the same in happy and unhappy times, has four characteristics:

    (1) telling you his secrets,
    (2) keeping your secrets,
    (3) not forsaking you when you are in trouble, and
    (4) sacrificing even his life for you.

    3. The third good friend, who points out what is good for you, has four characteristics:

    (1) keeping you from wrongdoing, [it means “restraining you from doing the: killing, stealing, telling lies, slandering, frivolous talk, covetousness, ill will, wrong view, and racism”
    (2) supporting you in doing good, it means “encouraging you to do good deeds
    (3) informing you of what you do not know, and
    (4) pointing out the path to heaven.

    4. The fourth good friend, who is sympathetic, has four characteristics:

    (1) not rejoicing at your misfortune,
    (2) rejoicing at your good fortune,
    (3) stopping others who speak against you, and
    (4) commending others who speak in praise of you

    There are these four types who can be seen as false or bad friends pretending to be true or good friends:

    1. one who takes anything,
    2. one who is a great talker or only pays lip-service by making empty promises,
    3. one who flatters or only says pleasant things, and
    4. one who is a fellow-spendthrift or debauched companion.

    1. The first bad friend, who takes anything, has four characteristics:

    (1) taking everything from you,
    (2) Wanting a lot for very little (or wanting much in return for giving only a little),
    (3) doing service only when he gets into trouble, and
    (4) seeking only his own advantage.

    2. The second bad friend, who is a great talker, has also four characteristics:

    (1) talking of favours in the past,
    (2) talking of favours in the future,
    (3) trying to please you with empty promises or mouthing empty promises of goodwill, and
    (4) pleading inability owing to some disaster when something needs to be done in the present.

    3. The third bad friend, who flatters, has also four characteristics:

    (1) agreeing to the bad actions of you,
    (2) also, agreeing to the good actions of you,
    (3) praising you in your presence,
    (4) disparaging you behind your back.

    4. The fourth bad friend, who is a fellow-spendthrift or who debauches, also has four characteristics:

    (1) being a companion when indulging in seeking attentions,
    (2) being a companion when walking the streets at unfitting times,
    (3) being a companion when talking about entertainments and worldly affairs.
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