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    18 Kasım 2013
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    1-Base Jumping is an extremely dangerous activity.A lot of BASE jumpers die every year.BASE jumpers jump of tall buildings,bridges and mountains.They've got a small parachute on their backs.They fall very quickly,so it's important to open the parachute very fast! They haven't got much time to use the parachute before they hit the ground

    2-Cave diving is a very dangerous underwater activity.Divers climb down into deep caves that have got water in them.They dive into the water and swim through the caves.The caves are very dark and the divers wear a strong light on their heads.Sometimes the light breaks,so they carry two extra lights with them.They swim carefully,because they can't get out of the caves easily if they have an accident.

    3-Street luge is a very dangerous road race.Luge are like big skateboards.Racers lie down on the board with their feet at the front of the luge.They race down a hill.They go very fast- up to 140 kilometres an hour.They use their feet to stop! Racers wear helmets on their heads and pads on their arms and legs,because they have a lot of accidents.

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