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  1. ogti106

    ogti106 Üye

    3 Ekim 2009
    Ödül Puanları:

    Arkadaşlar bana öğretmenler günü ile ilgili acil inglizce olarak güzel sözler vb yazılar lazım..
    Acil yardım bekliyorum şimdiden teşekkürler...
    xX'Me_Like'Xx bunu beğendi.
  2. xX'Me_Like'Xx

    xX'Me_Like'Xx Üye

    25 Ekim 2009
    Ödül Puanları:

    Üye Olmadan Linkleri Göremezsiniz. Üye Olmak için TIKLAYIN...

    Arkadaşlar bana öğretmenler günü ile ilgili acil inglizce olarak güzel sözler vb yazılar lazım..
    Acil yardım bekliyorum şimdiden teşekkürler...
    Genişletmek için tıkla...
    ya benımde aynen... Öğretmenler günüyle ilgili ingilizce olarak güzel söz , yazı ya da şiir bulmam lazım yardımcı olursanız sevinirm :cool:
  • S. Moderatör Uğur

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    4 Şubat 2008
    Ödül Puanları:
    Hepsi Ayrı Ayrı Şiir. Seç Beğen Al :)

    Number One Teacher
    (Teacher's Name)
    I'm happy that you're my teacher;
    I enjoy each lesson you teach.
    As my role model you inspire me
    To dream and to work and to reach. With your kindness you get my attention;
    Every day you are planting a seed
    Of curiosity and motivation
    To know and to grow and succeed. You **** me fulfill my potential;
    I'm thankful for all that you've done.
    I admire you each day, and I just want to say,
    As a teacher, you're number one!

    __________________________________________________ __

    A Teacher for All Seasons
    A teacher is like Spring,
    Who nurtures new green sprouts,
    Encourages and leads them,
    Whenever they have doubts. A teacher is like Summer,
    Whose sunny temperament
    Makes studying a pleasure,
    Preventing discontent. A teacher is like Fall,
    With methods crisp and clear,
    Lessons of bright colors
    And a happy atmosphere. A teacher is like Winter,
    While it’s snowing hard outside,
    Keeping students comfortable,
    As a warm and ****ful guide. Teacher, you do all these things,
    With a pleasant attitude;
    You’re a teacher for all seasons,
    And you have my gratitude!

    __________________________________________________ ____

    Sonnet For An Unforgettable Teacher
    (Teacher's name),
    When I began your class I think I knew
    The kind of challenges you'd make me face.
    You gave me motivation to pursue
    The best, and to reject the commonplace. Your thinking really opened up my mind.
    With wisdom, style and grace, you made me see,
    That what I'd choose to seek, I'd surely find;
    You shook me out of my complacency. I thank you now for everything you've done;
    What you have taught me I will not outgrow.
    Your kind attention touched my mind and heart;
    In many ways that you will never know. I will remember you my whole life through;
    I wish that all my teachers were like you.

    __________________________________________________ ____

    The Best Teachers
    Teachers open up young minds,
    showing them the wonders of the intellect
    and the miracle
    of being able to think for themselves.
    A teacher exercises
    the mental muscles of students,
    stretching and strengthening,
    so they can make challenging decisions,
    find their way in the world,
    and become independent.
    The best teachers care enough
    To gently push and prod students
    to do their best
    and fulfill their potential.
    You are one of those.
    Thank you.

    __________________________________________________ _______

    Special Teacher
    Thank you special teacher
    For ****ing me to know
    The things I need to learn
    To live my life and grow. I feel good with you because
    Your teaching makes me see,
    If I work at it, I can do it.
    Thanks for showing me!

    __________________________________________________ ________

    The Most Admired Teacher
    (Name of teacher),
    The most admired teacher
    Would be caring, kind and smart.
    She'd always have her students'
    Best interests in her heart. She'd **** us love to learn.
    Her lessons would be clear.
    She'd motivate with praise,
    And always be sincere. She'd be upbeat and supportive,
    And a great role model too.
    She'd be the perfect teacher;
    She'd be just like you!

    __________________________________________________ _________

    Thank You, Teacher
    Thank you, skillful teacher,
    For teaching me to be
    A stronger, smarter person,
    Academically. Thank you, favorite teacher
    For acting like a friend,
    And taking time to show me,
    Lessons hard to comprehend. Thank you for your caring
    And lots of other stuff;
    For all the things you gave me,
    I can’t thank you enough.

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