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    25 Mart 2010
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    :(:confused::confused::confused::confused:*** lütfenn bu cuma***......ders kitabı 79 sayfadakiler gibi bir masal veya hikaye yazın bizim konularımızla ilgili nolurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................
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    9 Mart 2010
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    pamuk prensesin masalı
    Every place was covered with snow was a winter day. One queen, one of the windows in the back of the palace on the one hand embroidery works, if it also dreaming. One finger and then sank to the pin tenter was flowing above the three drops of blood. Looks at the Queen does not look at the blood dripping, "If my child girl, her skin white as snow, her cheeks like the blood, hair or frame of the window giib blackened," I spent inside. Shortly after that incident brought a daughter into the world. As a girl she had just passed through. They called her Snow White. Unfortunately, the queen had died a few hours after birth.

    King re-married a year later. The new queen was a beautiful woman. Nice to have beauty, but so too was arrogant, one might have thought better of him, even you can not tolerate. There was a magic mirror in his room. Every day that passes in front of the mirror for hours watching him, and finally,

    "Mirror, mirror tell me
    Who is the most beautiful in this world, "I asked returning. Without any pause in the mirror, "Are You My Queen," was der. However, when Snow White came to the age of fourteen, he said one day feast of the mirror:
    Are you my beautiful queen, to be beautiful,
    Snow White, but you better. "

    When the queen heard this, very angry, and anger at what has sleep eyes, nor could a bite to eat. 'What should be done, what should be?' He stopped thinking for days. After the decision and the court has called into the presence of the hunter. "Snow then took to the forest and there is death. Killed as evidence in his heart to the lungs removed, brought me. "Hunters took Snow White into the forest, drew a knife. Snow White's tears when he saw, but it failed to kill the meat. Snow in the branches of trees and disappear, while "I could not do, but a bear or a wolf dark until I do I can not do anyway," he said.

    The young hunters out on the road against a wild boar. He killed the animals on the spot, with the heart to the lungs were removed and taken to the Queen. Like Snow White, but then thought what a bear hunter nor a worm-eaten. Begins to get dark in the evening and came to a small house behind the mountains. Had knocked on her door, never been opened. Have gathered the courage to go inside. In full of the seven small plates of food ready to eat a small seven-seat where there was a long table, the walls were arranged in seven beds. Have waited, waited, but nobody has come. Was very hungry and very tired and could not wait to eat a spoonful of each dish received seven out of bed to bed and fell asleep in the seventh.

    They then return home with a little house. A silver mine in the depths of the mountains that run in the seven dwarfs their. On seeing Snow White, "What a beautiful girl!" They said. When you wake up in the morning and saw Snow White dwarfs are very frightened before, but a short time later, an evil will not come from them, they understand that they are very good people. Snow White seven dwarfs they want to turn away from their homes, and he was immediately accepted.

    "Bye," they said while the seven dwarfs go to work.
    "Opening the door to anyone. If you find step-mother were here to kill you again later. "

    Against the background of the mirror one day, the Queen again. Received this response from the mirror when you think of the face as it is there now:
    "You are beautiful my queen, here are the best of you, but however, the dwarves in the mountains behind the small, cozy house in the beautiful world of Snow White."

    The Queen heard this, she took it immediately. Vendor and an elderly woman dressed in a ribbon in his hand out toward the mountain road with a loaded tray. When he reached the home of dwarfs, "I got the ribbon, great ribbons!" She stole the door. See who comes out of the window to see Snow White when the ribbon went inside. 'This, how bad could it be! "He thought, opened the door. "Do you like this, my dear?" Said the Snow Queen's neck, wearing the ribbon. After the ribbon was often as frequently, until it lay down at full length, such as Snow White until dead. That night, although they found the seven dwarfs Prenses'io Cotton. Snow White had cut the ribbon, and had returned to life again. Thus escaped a second time by the hand of Snow Queen. Queen mother's past back to face the next morning. Snow White's mirror is still living in disguise as soon as we receive the news and has once again taken the road of the mountains.

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