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    22 Eylül 2010
    Ödül Puanları:

    I have seen that movie many times.

    I have never seen that movie.

    I have seen that movie twenty times.

    I think I have met him once before.

    There have been many earthquakes in California.

    Has there ever been a war in the United States?
    Yes, there has been a war in the United States.

    People have traveled to the moon.
    I have been to France.
    I think I have seen that movie before.
    He has never traveled by train.
    Joan has studied two foreign languages.
    You have grown since the last time I saw you.
    The government has become more interested in arts education.
    My English has really improved since I moved to Australia
    Man has walked on the moon.
    The army has attacked that city five times.
    I have had a cold for two weeks.
    Mary has loved chocolate since she was a little girl
    She has been in England for six months

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