Relative Clause (Sifat Cümlecikleri) 2

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    29 Eylül 2008
    Ödül Puanları:

    1. You are allowed to have just half an hour, after ........ you are supposed to submit your exam paper.

    A) what
    B) that
    C) when
    D) which
    E) whom

    2. There are no special actors ....... I would like to meet one day.

    A) who
    B) when
    C) whose
    D) where
    E) whom

    3. When we reached our arranged holiday resort, ......... we were planning to spend two weeks, we realized that it was no worth.

    A) which
    B) whose
    C) where
    D) for which
    E) that

    4. As soon as the 12 year-old genius ........ by his father climbed on the stage, ...... he was going to give a short account of his success, every one burst into applause.

    A) attending / which
    B) attended / on which
    C) to attend / where
    D) attended / when
    E) attending / where

    5. Mary resigned from her post after she was rejected to promote, ........ did not surprise us at all.

    A) which
    B) by whom
    C) for what
    D) that
    E) why

    6. By nature, strong animals eat ...... ...... are weaker and inferior physically.

    A) these / what
    B) whose / what
    C) those / which
    D) what / that
    E) those / whom

    7. Do you know the exact time ....... our orders will be ****vered at?

    A) where
    B) which
    C) when
    D) whose
    E) in that

    8. Ezgi is among the few students ........ we can rely for the organization of the charity exhibition.

    A) who
    B) with whose
    C) in which
    D) to whom
    E) on whom

    9. Do you remember Hazal ....... into laughter thanks to a picture ......... to her.

    A) who burst / which shown
    B) that bursting / what was shown
    C) burst / that is showing
    D) which was bursting / where shows
    E) bursting / that was shown

    10. Is it really important ....... Ahmet has come or not provided he has sent us the agreement ......... by our rivals.

    A) whether / that signed
    B) when / signing
    C) if / signed
    D) how / that was signing
    E) whether / signing



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