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    gizzem Üye

    5 Kasım 2007
    Ödül Puanları:

    fill in the blanks with: be going to-would-where-don't-him-has to-often-may-what-rarely-was-must-never-needn't-were-how many-don't have to-mustn't-be going to-are-can't-how much

    sally: 1)________you know that boy ?
    kate:yes,I see 2)_______ every day.
    I am sorry,I 3)_______lend you any of my don't give them back.

    adam:How 4)_________does your little brother wake up at nights?
    marry:he 5)_________wakes up at nights.
    all my friends 6)_________play chess tonight

    beril:7)________do you have for lunch?
    aydan:usually kebab or döner
    we haven't got a dish washer so my mother8) _________wash the dishes by hand

    waiter:9)_______you like some tea?
    emma:no,thanks.10)________I have a glass of water, please?
    he 11)________see us when he is in ankara .

    tonny:where 12)_____ you ?
    bill:I 13)_____at hospital yesterday.
    sam:14) ______ apples did you eat ?
    phil:I ate all of them .

    He 15)________pay for the children.they come in for free
    you 16) _________forget your exam
    I have an appointment with my doctor.Tomorrow I 17) _________ see him

    greg and john 18)_______sitting in the canteen at the moment
    he19) _______ drinks tea for breakfast
    they20) _______eat less,they are slim

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