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    chenoles Üye

    15 Ekim 2012
    Ödül Puanları:

    My schoolday begins at half past seven.Then I dress up and brush my teeth.After that,at quarter to eight,ı eat some sandwiches.Then ı watch the news.ı go out at eight o'clock. I usually go to school on foot.It is not farm from my home.I arrive at school at half past eight.The first lesson starts at quarter to nine and the last lesson ends at quarter past two.It is so boring for me on Mondays.The breaks last only ten minutes.I have one hour for lunch.There is a canteen in the school.I et hamburger and drink fruit juice every lunch at the canteen.On Mondays,ı have Geography,Maths,Chemistry,Especially ı hat Chemistry and History.I love History and Geography but ı don't like Maths and Chemistry.Especially ı hate chemistry.My favourite subject is information and Communications Technology.I have no high marks.I'm a bit lazy.My teachers are always angry with me.We have really much fun at school.I don't like homework.After school we usually go to a shop a cafe.But ı need to study for the university exeam.When ı arrive home ı'm a dead beat! So,ı don't do my homework.I rest some time while listening to music.I chat with my friends on the internet.

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