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    Class Rules
    1. Speak English.
    2. Listen to teacher and your friends carefully.
    3. Don't speak without permission.
    4. Be polite (Say "please" and "thank you")
    5. Don't cheat in exam.
    6. Have your own pencil and eraser in the exam.
    7. Don't make noise.
    8. Do your homework.
    9. Don't come to class late.
    10. Follow directions.
    11. Bring your book,notebook,pencils ... etc.
    12. Obey school rules (clothing,hair,behavior etc.)
    13. Don't eat something.
    14. Don't sleep.
    15. Don't chew gum.
    16. Do your best.
    17. Don't pack up until the bell rings.
    18. Take notes (quickly and silently)
    19. Take responsibility in pairwork and groupwork.
    20. Don't use your mobile phone.
    21. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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