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    30 Kasım 2009
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    C1. 1.d / 2.f / 3.b / 4.a / 5.e / 6.c

    C2. First, he went to St. Albans school and then to University College Oxford. Later on, he moved to Cambridge and he wanted to do researches in cosmology in the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge. In 1973, he left the Institute but came to the depertment of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Stephen has made several researches in Cosmology because he has been interested in the mysteries of the universe. He has written hundreds of articles and three popular books, "A Brief History of Time", "Black Holes and Baby Universes" and " The Universe in a Nutshell". Stephen Hawking is an ALS patient because he has managed to lead a normal life without thinking about his illness. He is a succesful person and he combines family life and his researches with an extensive programme of travel and public lectures.

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