World's Last Day Being Mı Terms?

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    3 Mart 2009
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    World's Last Day Being Mı Terms?

    A university, the professor started class as follows:
    - "Imagine that today the last day of the world. Tomorrow everything will be finished at this time. No chance for salvation. What would you do today?"
    All students have come from many different answers:
    - I wish to forgive my sins to God is worship,
    - All the love I would say goodbye,
    - I would spend my time with my family,
    - My mother or my father would go
    - My friends used to play basketball for half an hour like in the old days,
    - BBQ party would have done,
    - All the favorite dishes in the past was once.
    - Circular I was asleep.
    - I would walk in the forest, the last time,
    - Sunrise and sunset for the last time I used to watch.
    - I used to watch the evening stars.
    - Favorite food to prepare dinner invites all like what I have.
    - Picnic would have done,
    - Most in life where I want to go there, death expected to go to,
    - Jet aircraft to get boarded,
    - I'm sorry what I want to forgive me, I would apologize for searches, etc. ..
    All have written to all teacher board. Then with a laugh;
    - "Children of the world for them to be the last day .. Is it necessary?" He asked.

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