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    85-…………, in case he called while we were out?

    A)Did you remind William to phone us today

    B)Do you think these instructions I’m leaving for the repairman are clear enough

    C)Why don’t you check your answering machine

    D)Have you left the back door open for Sam

    E)Do you really think we should go out today

    86-Since I had never eaten raw fish before I went to Japan, …………. .

    A)coupled with the fact that I do not normally eat fish, even cooked

    B)perhaps I will’ like it when I have tried it

    C)I was a little nervous the first time it was put in front of me

    D)it is difficult, though. to explain what it tastes like

    E)it was one of the most ****cious Japanese dishes

    87-…….., probably the best one is that it can give you an insight into a different culture and way of life.

    A)While there are many reasons for learning a foreign language

    B)Even though a number of countries use English as a first language

    C)Due to the number of good reasons for studying a foreign language

    D)Except for the fact that there is a saying, “travel broadens the mind”

    E)There are many disadvantages to travelling abroad if you don’t speak a foreign language

    88-Instead of taking advantage of the time to prepare for the big match ……………. .

    A)they practised every day and were in top form when the time came

    B)they would not have played so well otherwise (bilgi yelpazesi)

    C)there were still some injury problems as the date approached

    D)the team members stayed out late every night and hardly bothered to practise

    E)each new day was full of tension and excitement

    89-Because so many people are trying to get visas, ………… .

    A)the authorities were making it more and more difficult

    B)there is, however, no reason that they should make it so hard

    C)the economic situations in the countries of the applicants worsened

    D)it is a good place to emigrate to for economic reasons

    E)the consulate puts as many difficulties as possible in the way

    90-………., it can be more beneficial to have a vocational qualification.

    A)Not until a lot of people were able to get university degrees

    B)Whereas most young people have their hearts set on a university degree

    C)Everyone wants a university degree because they can use it to get a high-paying Job

    D)Because the best way to a successful future is a university degree

    E) If only youths could get into the university they want to go to

    91-As they become capable of more and more tasks, …………. .

    A)most calculators can only perform the basic mathematical functions

    B)duplicating machines are devices used for making copies of a document

    C)machines are only as good as the people operating them

    D)microscopes use a beam of light and lenses to magnify objects

    E)computers will take over more of the work now done by people

    92-…………. that even their fans were absolutely amazed.

    A)Their brilliant performance in the cup final was so unexpected

    B)They only had to win two more matches to be sure of the championship

    C)Even if they had won after such a shocking performance

    D)with their expensive foreign players doing so well, they have hardly lost a match all season

    E)It was the biggest crowd of the season, and probably one of the best behaved

    93- As a result of the oil crises of 1974,………….. .

    A)the British economy has never really recovered from these problems

    B)most car manufacturers began making smaller, more economical cars

    C)really necessitates a large increase in petrol prices

    D)pollution in Istanbul is becoming worse and worse as the population grows

    E)it may even affect some of the countries that produce their own oil

    94-We’d hoped for great things from the new manager……… .

    A)on the condition that he is really as qualified as he claims to be

    B)and we were all disappointed when we heard he was coming

    C) but his arrogance soon destroyed our optimism

    D)even though he had such a good reputation

    E)so he would sort out all our outstanding problems

    95-………….., the meat in the stew was still not tender enough to chew easily.

    A)Not having bought it from our usual butcher’s

    B)So as to make sure that it was ****cious (bilgi yelpazesi)

    C)Although I had only put it in at the last moment

    D)The time given in the recipe must have been wrong

    E)In spite of having been cooked for two hours

    96- No matter how many times I look up that word in the dictionary, ………… .

    A)I’ve finally managed to memorise it

    B)I just do not seem to be able to remember it

    C)my dictionary can’t be a really good one

    D)there are so many other words that seem to mean the same thing

    E)I really hoped that it wouldn’t appear on the exam

    97-In order to learn a foreign language, ………….. .

    A)a student must be willing to take every opportunity to practise speaking

    B)the grammar is sometimes so complicated that it takes years to master

    C)it can be difficult for people without strong motivation though

    D)there are a lot of new words to memorise

    E)it is still not possible to be as fluent as a native speaker

    98-……………until you’ve made an improvement in your work.

    A)You used to be one of our best employees

    B)Your performance has not been very satisfactory recently

    C)I have noticed that you are becoming lazy

    D)You will soon be looking for a new job

    E)You shouldn’t expect to get a promotion


    85C 86C 87A 88D 89E 90B 91E 92A 93B 94C 95E 96B 97A 98E

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