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  1. zozann

    zozann Üye

    11 Şubat 2008
    Ödül Puanları:

    1. The members of the club ...... regularly every month since its foundation.

    A) meet
    B) were meeting
    C) had been met
    D) have been meeting
    E) were meeting

    Answer D

    2. Once the massive nuclear reactor ........ two miles north of the town, 60 men from the town ....... .

    A) is constructed/have employed
    B) will be constructing/are employed
    C) was constructed/will have been employed
    D) has been constructed/will be employed
    E) had constructed/had been employed

    Answer D

    3. The discussion ...... for two hours, but they ...... a decision yet.

    A) have gone on/don't take
    B) had went on/didn't take
    C) has been going on/haven't taken
    D) is going on/didn't take

    E) goes on/don't take

    Answer C

    4. We ...... to answer a number of questions since the beginning of the class, we ..... half of them already.

    A) have been trying/have answered
    B) had tried/would answer
    C) answered/had been answering
    D) have answered/answered
    E) have answered/answer

    Answer A

    5. Today, a large-scale expansion of higher education ...... to meet the rapidly rising demands of industry, agriculture and welfare services.

    A) has been required
    B) will require
    C) is required
    D) requires
    E) would have required

    Answer C

    6. I hope you .... the accounts by midday, because the director general is to arrive then.

    A) will have checked
    B) have checked
    C) had checked
    D) will be checking
    E) have been checking

    Answer A

    7. Only 30 new students .... into the Department of Economics last term.

    A) admitted
    B) were being admitted
    C) has admitted
    D) were admitted
    E) should have admitted

    Answer D

    8. Mr. Hutchinson believes it is time his son ..... a good job and ..... to think seriously about a career.

    A) is going to get/begin
    B) will be getting/beginning
    C) gets/begins
    D) has got/began
    E) got/began

    Answer E

    9. This time next year you ..... university.

    A) will have been attending
    B) will have attended
    C) will be attending
    D) will attend
    E) would have attended

    Answer C

    10. I .... a computer game until I ..... FIFA with my nephew last week.

    A) have never played/play
    B) had never played/played
    C) never played/am playing
    D) never play/played
    E) had never played/has played
    answer B

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