yds grmmar soruları 2-

Konu 'Yabancı Dil Seçme Sınavı (YDS)' bölümünde zozann tarafından paylaşıldı.

  1. zozann

    zozann Üye

    11 Şubat 2008
    Ödül Puanları:

    1. By the time school opens again, I ....... in this restaurant eight weeks.

    A) would have worked
    B) will have worked
    C) would work
    D) would have to work
    E) had been working

    Cevap B

    2. The loud applause ........ how deeply the music ......... the audience.

    A) shows / would affect
    B) showed / affected
    C) had shown / could affect
    D) would have shown / have affected
    E) may show / had affected

    Cevap B

    3. This is the twentieth patient the doctor .......... today.

    A) had examined
    B) was examined
    C) has examined
    D) was examining
    E) have examined

    Cevap C

    4. I have noticed that since I ........ the university, my life ...... much more interesting.

    A) was entering / had become
    B) have entered / becomes
    C) had entered / became
    D) enler / is becoming
    E) entered / has become

    Cevap E

    5. While I ....... for my aunt outside the shop, someone ........ my purse.

    A) waited / had been grabbing
    B) had waited / was grabbing
    C) was waiting / grabbed
    D) had to wait / had grabbed
    E) have been waiting /would have grabbed

    Cevap C

    6. When Queen Victoria ........ in 1901, she ......... for 63 years.

    A) died / had been reigning
    B) had died / reigned
    C) died / was reigning
    D) has died / reigned
    E) died / has reigned

    Cevap A

    7. I ran into him at 10 o'clock this morning just before the board meeting; I ....... him since.

    A) will not have seen
    B) didn't see
    C) haven't seen
    D) hadn't seen
    E) couldn't see

    Cevap C

    8. Since 1950 the world ........ nearly one-fifth of the top soil from its agricultural land and one-fifth of its tropical forests.

    A) was losing
    B) is losing
    C) had been lost
    D) has lost
    E) loses

    Cevap D

    9. So far I've only written half of the report, but I ......... all of it by Saturday.

    A) will have linished
    B) have finished
    C) finish
    D) finished
    E) might have finished

    Cevap A

    10. I suppose you ...... the contract and understand what it ...... .

    A) read/has meant
    B) will read /meant
    C) have read/means
    D) had read/would mean
    E) are reading/mean

    Cevap C

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