yds grmmar soruları 4-

Konu 'Yabancı Dil Seçme Sınavı (YDS)' bölümünde zozann tarafından paylaşıldı.

  1. zozann

    zozann Üye

    11 Şubat 2008
    Ödül Puanları:

    1. During recent years, many people ...... interested in Turkish music.

    A) might become
    B) are becoming
    C) had become
    D) would become
    E) have become

    Cevap E YDS 2000

    2. I hope that, by next summer, I ...... up enough to go to Italy for a holiday.

    A) will have saved
    B) would have saved
    C) would save
    D) have saved
    E) had saved

    Cevap A

    3. He ..... a book in the garden when I ...... there.

    A) will read/have got
    B) is reading/will get
    C) was reading/got
    D) would be reading/was getting
    E) had read/had got

    Cevap C YDS 2001

    4. They ...... Bursa before, so they ..... what to expect.

    A) weren't visiting/haven't known
    B) haven't visited /haven't known
    C) didn't visit/hadn't known
    D) don't visit/won't know
    E) hadn't visited/didn't know

    Cevap E

    5. One professor who ..... on the development of robots ...... us that robots could take over the world.

    A) has worked/will have warned
    B) was working/would warn
    C) is working/has warned
    D) worked/will warn
    E) had worked/warns

    Cevap C YDS 2002

    6. By the year 2010, he ...... here for 30 years.

    A) will have been working
    B) will work
    C) had worked
    D) will be working
    E) has been working

    Cevap A

    7. By the time the boss ....., his secretary ..... typing the report.

    A) had arrived/finished
    B) arrives/has finished
    C) has arrived/is finishing
    D) is arriving/finishes
    E) arrived/had finished

    Cevap E

    8. Experts ---- that by 2010, robots ---- for many of the elderly people in the world.

    A) will have believed / are caring
    B) have believed / would be caring
    C) believed / had cared
    D) will believe / will have been caring
    E) believe / will be caring

    Cevap E YDS 2003

    9. Orphan elephants need ---- the same companionship as they ---- from their mothers in the wild.

    A) to have given / had received
    B) to be given / would have received
    C) having given / will be receiving
    D) to have been given / would receive
    E) being given / are receiving

    Cevap B

    10. He ---- alive now if only he ---- to go back into the burning house for something.

    A) will be / wouldn't have decided
    B) is / hasn't decided
    C) could be / wouldn't decide
    D) would be / hadn't decided
    E) should be / hasn't decided

    Cevap D

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