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    11 Şubat 2008
    Ödül Puanları:


    1. As a comedian he is no longer appreciated but ten years ago people ......... at his jokes.

    A) used to laugh
    B) have been laughing
    C) are used to laughing
    D) have laughed
    E) had laughed

    Cevap A ÖYS 1990

    2. My dictionary isn't in its usual place; someone ......... it.

    A) should be borrowed
    B) can borrow
    C) might borrow
    D) must have borrowed
    E) ought to borrow

    Cevap D ÖYS 1991

    3. I.........travel by coach to Istanbul last week because the airline pilots were on strike.

    A) ought to
    B) need to
    C) had to
    D) am to
    E) should

    Cevap C ÖYS 1992

    4. You ................ your doctor before you started dieting.

    A) might consult
    B) can consult
    C) have to consult
    D) should have consulted
    E) have consulted

    Cevap D

    5. You ............ wear jeans or trainers at a formal gathering. It wouldn't be right.

    A) needn't
    B) don't have to
    C) might not
    D) weren't able to
    E) mustn't

    Cevap E ÖYS 1993

    6. I.......... at a research centre but I decided to work for an oil company since the pay was much better.

    A) could have worked
    B) may work
    C) had to work
    D) had better work
    E) have been working

    Cevap A

    7. Sally worked all the weekend to finish the project in time, but actually she ...... so.

    A) couldn't have done
    B) wouldn't have done
    C) doesn't have to do
    D) may not do
    E) needn't have done

    Cevap E YDS 2000

    8. I don't want us to be late for the meeting, so we ...... take a taxi.

    A) have had to
    B) are able to
    C) had to
    D) had better
    E) needed

    Cevap D YDS 2003

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