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    11 Şubat 2008
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    TEST YOUR GRAMMAR - 7 (The Passive)

    1. Recently, a new way of treating this disease …… .

    A) would be developed
    B) has been developed
    C) had developed
    D) has been developing
    E) was being developed

    Cevap B ÖYS 1988

    2. They didn't allow anyone to leave before the end of the month.
    Cümlesinin edilgen (passive) biçimi aşağıdakilerden hangisidir?

    A) Everyone has been allowed to leave before the end of the month.
    B) No one had been allowed to leave before the end of the month.
    C) Everyone was allowed to leave before the end of the month.
    D) No one was allowed to leave before the end of the month.
    E) No one has been allowed to leave before the end of the month.

    Cevap D ÖYS 1989

    3. James should tell everyone the good news as soon as possible.
    Cümlesinin edilgen (passive) biçimini elde etmek için boş bırakılan yere aşağıdakilerden hangisi getirilmelidir?
    ............ as soon as possible.

    A) Everyone should be told the good news
    B) James should be told the good news
    C) Everyone should have told James the good news
    D) James should tell the good news to everyone
    E) Everyone should have been told the good news

    Cevap A ÖYS 1990

    4. Andrew's car .......... because he had forgotten to lock it.

    A) has stolen
    B) is stolen
    C) was stolen
    D) had stolen
    E) will be stolen

    Cevap C ÖYS 1991

    5. All the expenses for the scientific explorations in the area .......... by a number of private institutions.

    A) had borne
    B) bore
    C) will bear
    D) have borne
    E) are borne

    Cevap E ÖYS 1992

    6. Despite new urban developments and the expansion of industrial sites, still 70 % of the land area of the Netherlands ......... for farming.

    A) was using
    B) is used
    C) would have used
    D) has to use
    E) uses

    Cevap B ÖYS 1993

    7. Chemical preservatives ........ as substances which are added to foods to prevent deterioration.

    A) can be defined
    B) define
    C) have defined
    D) were defining
    E) had been defined

    Cevap A ÖYS 1994

    8. Since he ....... from prison, he ....... unable to sleep properly.

    A) has been released/was
    B) had released/had been
    C) was released/has been
    D) released/is being
    E) had been released/would be

    Cevap C ÖYS 1994

    9. By the time we ........ nearly all the food.

    A) arrived/had been eaten
    B) arrive/has been eaten
    C) are arriving/has to be eaten
    D) would arrive/had eaten
    E) have arrived/is being eaten

    Cevap A ÖYS 1996

    10. Everyone was surprised to see us because we ......... to return before the middle of the month.

    A) are not expected
    B) have not expected
    C) were not expected
    D) are not expecting
    E) have not been expecting

    Cevap C ÖYS 1997

    11. The house looked dreadful as no one was living there and most of the windows ........ .

    A) have been broken
    B) had been broken
    C) broke
    D) were being broken
    E) would have broken

    Cevap B YDS 2001

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