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  1. zozann

    zozann Üye

    11 Şubat 2008
    Ödül Puanları:

    TEST YOUR GRAMMAR - 8 (Conditional Sentences)

    1. If I were you, I...... to a smaller house.

    A) would move
    B) had moved
    C) was moving
    D) have moved
    E) moved

    Cevap A ÖYS 1988

    2. ........ I would invite you to dinner.

    A) If I knew how to cook
    B) Since it was only six o'clock in the evening
    C) Unless the shops are all closed
    D) Even though everyone was free
    E) Whether my wife can get back in time

    Cevap A ÖYS 1988

    3. ....... I would refuse to obey that order.

    A) If I were you
    B) Although he's wrong
    C) When I leave the meeting
    D) Whether you signed the document
    E) As long as the lecture lasted

    Cevap A ÖYS 1989

    4. If only we ......... the holiday better, we .......... all the major cities of Germany.

    A) have planned/visited
    B) had planned/could have visited
    C) planned/visit
    D) plan/are visiting
    E) could have planned/had visited

    Cevap B ÖYS 1989

    5. It's so hot and dry here; I wish I on holiday soon.

    A) had gone
    B) have gone
    C) could go
    D) will go
    E) could have gone

    Cevap C ÖYS 1990

    6. If the advertisement were on Television, ........ .

    A) there may be a great demand for it
    B) they would have had a place in the market
    C) it might reach a larger group of people
    D) they were selling more and more goods
    E) it can be too expensive and complicated for them

    Cevap C ÖYS 1990

    7. "I can't possibly get these papers filed by midday unless someone helps me." cümlesine anlamca en yakın olan seçenek aşağıdakilerden hangisidir?

    A) Unless you help me till 12 o'clock, I'm not going to file all these papers.
    B) I shall have to have some help, if I am to get this filing job finished by 12 o'clock.
    C) The papers have to be filed before lunch time, so you will have to help me.
    D) I'll help you file those papers before lunch if I possibly can.
    E) It's possible that with your help we can get these papers filed today.

    Cevap B ÖYS 1990

    8. The play starts in half an hour; ..........we hurry, we're going to be late.

    A) when
    B) in case
    C) unless
    D) since
    E) whether

    Cevap C ÖYS 1991

    9. If the rules hadn't been ignored ........ .

    A) the problem could become that serious
    B) it will be easier to communicate with them
    C) this error would never have occurred
    D) there have been no disagreements so far
    E) they may not feel a need to strengthen the police force

    Cevap C ÖYS 1991

    10. If we don't start early in the morning ...................... .

    A) you'd better pack up now
    B) we may not get there before it gets dark
    C) the main road has been blocked
    D) we wouldn't have had time to enjoy the view
    E) we were still worried about our flight to Rome

    Cevap B ÖYS 1991
  2. _essraa_

    _essraa_ Üye

    15 Mart 2008
    Ödül Puanları:
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