YDS Test Your Comprehension - 1

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    3 Mart 2009
    Ödül Puanları:

    It was a misty morning, and there was a soft rain falling. There were only a few leaves left on the trees, but on the ground was a thick carpet of brown and yellow leaves. This was the time of year the old gardener loved best. Since he was too old to work, he used to spend his days by the window, looking out on the garden. It was no longer what it had been under his care, but still it was lovely.

    1. The garden had looked much nicer .................. .

    A) when he first began to work in it
    B) during the summer months
    C) before the winter had come
    D) from the other window
    E) when the old man had been looking after it

    2. It is obvious that .................. .
    A) no one cared any longer for the old gardener
    B) the old gardener disliked staying indoors
    C) the old gardener was as fond of his garden as ever
    D) it always rained heavily there in the spring
    E) the old gardener was no longer interested in gardening

    3. The passage gives a description of .................. .

    A) the old gardener's dislike of rain
    B) the old gardener's house
    C) the change of the seasons
    D) a wet morning in autumn
    E) the weather in winter

    Nowadays, in England, tea is quite the most popular, and also the cheapest, of all drinks. People drink their tea in different ways. Some like it with sugar, some without. Some drink it with milk, some with lemon; yet, one way or another just about everyone drinks tea. This, however, has not always been the case. During the last century, when tea was very expensive, it was kept locked up, and the lady of the house had the key. Tea drinking then was quite a ceremony, reserved for the evenings. At breakfast everyone drank beer!

    4. In the passage it is explained that ............... .

    A) in England today people have different habits of tea drinking
    B) in the past in England only the wealthy were able to drink beer
    C) at breakfast English people also like to drink beer
    D) English people mostly prefer to have their tea in the evening
    E) in England usually a ceremony is held in the family before tea is served

    5. Compared with the past, in England today ............. .

    A) more and more people prefer tea to beer
    B) tea is regarded as a luxury
    C) tea is very cheap and commonly available
    D) sugar is becoming less and less popular
    E) people don't care about the quality of tea

    6. It is obvious from the passage that ............... .

    A) English people have always regarded tea as better than beer
    B) over the years the popularity of tea in England has increased tremendously
    C) drinking tea with lemon is only a recent habit in England
    D) like tea, beer also is an extremely popular drink
    E) English people are no longer fond of ceremonies

    The desires of a child were naturally rather limited in the Victorian era, Toys were simple and comparatively few; there were no bicycles or mechanical models; the average child "made his own fun" from very cheap materials. Really the only shop the child dreamed of entering for his own purposes was the sweetshop. Nowadays a bewildering variety of toys, magazines and entertainments in a multitude of shops compete for his interest and money; and the boredom of having everything ready-made leads to a constant desire for something new.

    7. It is suggested in the passage that the modern child ................ .

    A) wishes he had been born in the Victorian era
    B) suffers from boredom in spite of all the toys
    C) develops his abilities by playing with toys
    D) is well able to amuse himself
    E) is allowed to eat too much

    8. According to the passage, ................ .

    A) mechanical toys are essential to a child's happiness
    B) a child should not be left to "make his own fun"
    C) home-made toys give more pleasure than ready-made ones
    D) a constant desire for something new was encouraged in children in Victorian times
    E) simple toys slow down a child's development

    9. The passage emphasizes, ................ .

    A) a child should have money to spend on toys
    B) the importance, in childhood, of a large choice of toys
    C) how lucky the modern child is
    D) that sweets are not good for the health
    E) the difference between a Victorian childhood and a present day one

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