YDS Test Your Comprehension - 2

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    3 Mart 2009
    Ödül Puanları:

    A popular method of treating frozen fingers and toes in very cold, even freezing weather is to slowly rewarm them or rub them with snow. The best treatment, however, is not slow rewarming but rapid rewarming. Putting the frozen fingers, or toes in a warm bath or using a hot water bottle are both good ways to treat them. Hot drinks to warm the body from within are also ****ful. One must be careful about burning the skin, however. The temperature of any heat applied should not be greater than 43°C.

    1. The main concern of the passage is .......... .

    A) why frozen fingers and toes should be slowly rewarmed
    B) how to keep adequately warm in winter
    C) how to treat fingers and toes that have been frozen
    D) the dangers of freezing weather for the body
    E) why one should have plenty of hot drinks in winter

    2. It is pointed out in the passage that .......... .
    A) the use of hot water bottles to rewarm the body is not advisable
    B) one should try to rewarm frozen fingers and toes fairly rapidly
    C) in rewarming the body the higher the temperature, the better the result is
    D) people should be warned not to go out in freezingly cold weather
    E) one should take a hot bath as often as possible in winter

    Answer B

    3. The author warns that .......... .

    A) the minimum temperature required is 43 °C.
    B) in rewarming the body, care must be taken not to burn the skin
    C) one should never rub frozen fingers and toes with snow
    D) hot drinks must not be taken in immediately recovery cannot be as rapid as one would expect

    In an interview yesterday, Mr. Wilson was questioned about the harmful effects of horror movies on teenagers. He argued that such effects were often exaggerated, and claimed that other types of film were far more dangerous for young people. When asked to prove this, he pointed out that horror films were often set in unreal situations and were clearly not to be taken seriously. In contrast, he claimed that films showing violent crime were often set in everyday life, and were therefore more damaging.

    4. In Mr. Wilson's opinion, horror films .......... .

    A) cost more than other kinds of film
    B) are more popular among the elderly than among the young
    C) should be banned altogether
    D) are less damaging to young people than films of violent crime
    E) have recently ceased to appeal to the young

    5. For Mr. Wilson the main difference between a horror film and one showing violent crime is that the former ......... .

    A) is mainly concerned with everyday situations
    B) is liked by the young, and the latter by the old
    C) is unrelated to real life, whereas the latter is
    D) is less expensive to produce than the latter
    E) rarely receives any attention from the young

    6. The interviewer wanted to find out whether .......... .

    A) young people were being harmed by horror films
    B) Mr. Wilson had himself been affected by horror films
    C) Mr. Wilson preferred horror films to films of violence
    D) people were seriously objecting to horror films
    E) the effects of crime films were being exaggerated

    Like so many other materials in Japan, paper too has come in for many hundreds of years of artistic consideration. At one period of the country's history, the paper on which a poem was written was as important as the poem itself. A thousand years ago there were whole towns actively engaged in making paper. Such towns still exist, but there were also many farming villages which then, as they do today, made paper to earn extra income during the winter. At present, about half of Japan's farmers must add to their incomes with winter jobs. Although a large amount of winter employment is provided by construction companies, some farmers continue to work at such cottage industries as paper making.

    7. It is obvious from the passage that the art of paper-making in Japan ........... .

    A) is still the most important source of income for a large part of the population
    B) has disappeared owing to industrialization
    C) was of no economic value at all in the past
    D) was only practised by the peasants in the country
    E) has a long history

    8. The passage emphasizes that approximately fifty per cent of the farming population in Japan .......... .

    A) is not satisfied with current farming policies
    B) prefers town life to village life
    C) engages in a secondary occupation in the winter
    D) plans to give up farming and go into construction work
    E) has no concept of the national history

    9. It is suggested that paper-making ...... .

    A) encouraged the development of poetry in Japan
    B) is still one of Japan's cottage industries
    C) has never been a significant commercial interest in Japan
    D) has seldom been regarded as an art by the Japanese
    E) and construction are the two major areas of employment in Japan

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