YDS Test Your Comprehension - 7

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    3 Mart 2009
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    1. ……… In later years, he was attracted to bullfighting in Spain and lion hunting in Africa. His observations provided background for some of his works, in which he described man’s courage in facing strong physical forces. In 1954, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

    A) A Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises are two of Hemingway’s best novels.
    B) Hemingway is one of America’s most popular writers.
    C) As a boy, Hemingway spent much time hunting, fishing, and exploring in the wild country of northern Michigan.
    D) Hemingway’s short stories give us an insight into the minds of his characters.
    E) In his short story “A Day’s Wait”, Hemingway shows the feeling of a boy who thought he was going to die.

    2. I passed all the other courses that I took at my university, but I could never pass botany. ...…… . This used to make my instructor very angry. He would wander around the laboratory and be pleased with the work of all the other students. Then he would come to me. I would just be standing there, doing nothing.
    A) I always made sure that the microscope was placed on the table properly.
    B) In fact, this was a course I enjoyed enormously.
    C) I was very much interested in the study of the structure of flower cells.
    D) However, other students were very good at drawing pictures of plant cells in their notebooks.
    E) This was because I could never see through the microscope.

    3. Let me begin with the question: “Who is a true book owner?” Actually, there are three kinds of book owners. The first has all the standard sets and best-sellers, unread and untouched. The second has a great many books, but few of them have been read, and most are as clean and shiny as the day they were brought. The third may have few books or many books, but every one of them is worn, marked and written in all the way through. ……… .

    A) There are two ways in which one can own a book.
    B) This last person really owns his books.
    C) Most of the world’s great books are available at reasonable prices.
    D) Reading a book used to be a conversation between the reader and the author.
    E) takes more time and effort to read a great book than it does a newspaper.

    4. The art historian Sir Herbert Read was born in 1893 in Yorkshire in England. He was the son of a farmer. ……… . He joined the army and served as an officer in France and Belgium. After the war, he held various posts in the government. Later on, he became the director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and specialised in ceramics.

    A) He gained various medals for courage and bravery at war.
    B) He was a student at the University of Leeds, when World War I broke out.
    C) His publications are mostly in the field of art and literature.
    D) As a professor of art, he had lectured at various universities in Britain and the United States
    E) His books The Meaning of Art was published several times as it was very popular.

    5. A scientist called Flynn has learned to predict quite accurately when one special volcano, the Pacaya, will erupt. ………? Because no two are alike. Each volcano has to be studied separately so that its warning signals can be recognised.

    A) Why is Flynn only studying active volcanoes
    B) Just where is the Pacaya volcano situated
    C) When did Flynn first become interested in volcanic activities
    D) Why can’t he predict when any volcano will erupt
    E) How many times has he correctly predicted the eruption of this volcano

    6. When one is looking for a job, it seems that there are a great many jobs being advertised. ………. . They want someone older or someone younger. They want special qualifications. They want experience.

    A) Some people like to change their job every two or three years, but this is not advisable
    B) Naturally the salary is important; in fact, for some people, it is the most important consideration
    C) But when one comes to look at these advertisements one rarely finds anything suitable
    D) Some people were only interested in the working hours
    E) Most of us don’t want to work more than eight hours a day

    7. If cigarette advertising could be banned from TV, so should commercials for the drug called alcohol. Cigarette smokers, after all, usually kill themselves with their habit. ……….. . One should therefore remind oneself that, when one drinks, one is entering the company of killers.

    A) Yet, drunks get behind the wheels of their cars and kill other people
    B) We live in a culture that certifies alcohol as an acceptable drug
    C) In 85 % of these accidents at least one of the drivers had been drinking
    D) Excessive drinking is disgusting and harmful
    E) Every year an increasing number of people die in traffic accidents caused by alcohol

    8. When I was a boy at school, a question that was frequently asked was “What is the use of history?” …………… . When it came to the use of science, however, then there was no doubt about its usefulness. Many of us hoped to be chemists or physicists or engineers.

    A) History, more than other subjects, has to be well taught at school
    B) History teaches us about different civilisations in the world.
    C) This question is no longer important among school children
    D) And nobody seemed to have any answer at all
    E) Actually I once seriously considered becoming a historian

    Answer Keys;
    1.C, 2.E, 3.B, 4.B, 5.D, 6.C, 7.A, 8.D.

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