YDS Test Your Comprehension - 8

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    3 Mart 2009
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    Sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan kısmında söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.

    1. Debbie: What are your plans for the summer?
    Janet : I’m going to Izmir to visit my aunt.
    Debbie : ………………….. .
    Janet : I’m sure you do.

    A) I’m quite jealous!
    B) How wonderful! What is she doing there?
    C) You’ll enjoy yourself. I was there last year.
    D) Luck you! I wish I had an aunt living somewhere like that!
    E) Enjoy yourself. And send me a postcard.

    2. Andy : What’s your brother doing? I haven’t seen him around for a long time.
    Betty : That’s because he’s moved to Mersin.
    Andy : …………………… .
    Betty : Not really. He still works for the same firm, but he’s now at the Mersin branch.

    A) I don’t know. How long ago was that?
    B) Really? What’s he doing there? Has he changed his job?
    C) I’m not surprised. I know he didn’t like living here.
    D) I sometimes go there on business. Perhaps we could meet.
    E) Whatever did he do that for? Didn’t he like his job?

    3. Mother : How many friends have you invited to the party?
    Daughter: …………………… .
    Mother : Yes, I was hoping you would. What are you planning to make?
    Daughter: I thought I’d make the sandwiches.

    A) Fifteen, but I’ll **** you to get the food ready.
    B) Rather a lot. Do you mind?
    C) I’m expecting about twenty. Is that too many?
    D) Only ten at the moment. Can you make us three cakes?
    E) Ten or twelve. How many cakes do you need?

    4. Paul : What are you doing this evening? Can you spare me half an hour?
    Gerald : ………………… .
    Paul : It’s my computer. Something has gone wrong with it.
    Gerald : Well, I’ll come round and see what I can do about it.

    A) Sorry, I’m far too busy at present. Let’s go there next week.
    B) Not really. And Brian is better with computers than I am.
    C) Naturally. Come round about 7 o’clock.
    D) That will be just fine. Will Mary be coming too?
    E) Yes, I think so. What’s happened?

    5. Mrs Palmer : I hear your daughter is getting married next month.
    Mrs Moore : ……………………… .
    Mrs Palmer : I’m sure there are. If there’s anything I can do to ****, please let me know.

    Mrs Moore : That’s very kind of you.

    A) She is indeed. She gave us quite a surprise!
    B) Yes, she is. And we are all so happy for her.
    C) That’s right. And there are still so many things to be done.
    D) That’s so. We’re collecting the wedding dress today.
    E) Yes. And we still haven’t met the boy’s family.

    6. Bill : I called you last night but you were out.
    Jeffrey : Yes, we suddenly decided to go to the cinema.
    Bill : …………………………… .
    Jeffrey : Well, you didn’t miss much; it was a very boring film.

    A) I’ll join you if I may.
    B) I’d have gone with you if I’d known.
    C) You should have let me know. I was worried.
    D) Which film did you see?
    E) There’s a good film on at the Odeon at present.

    7. Angela : Have you had any news of Jane recently?
    Brenda : Yes, I have. I talked to her mother yesterday. She’s much better.
    Angela : …………………………….. .

    Brenda : Yes, she is. But they expect her home on Thursday.

    A) That’s good. Is she still in hospital?
    B) Let’s go and visit her together.
    C) That’s what I expected. I was sure it was nothing serious.
    D) That’s good news. When does he go home?
    E) I’m so glad! What else did she tell you?

    8. Jennie : I wonder if you could **** me.
    Dave : I will if I can. What’s the problem?
    Jennie : ……………………………… .

    Dave : Then go straight down this road; take the second turn to your left, and you’ll see it ahead of you.

    A) I’m hungry. Where can I get something to eat cheaply?
    B) I’ve lost my keys, so I can’t open the door.
    C) I’m looking for Mrs Davidson; do you happen to know her?
    D) I’m looking for a good dentist. Do you know of one?
    E) I’m lost. I can’t find my way back to the bus station.

    Answer Keys;
    1.D, 2.B, 3.A, 4.E, 5.C, 6.B, 7.A, 8.E

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