YDS Test Your Comprehension - 9

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    3 Mart 2009
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    [FONT = "Comic Sans MS"] questions and is closest to the sentence to find the sentence.

    1. The captain was the only team member to arrive late.

    A) Other team members may arrive late, but not the captain.
    B) The captain is expected to arrive ahead of the other team members.
    C) All the members of the tea were there on time, except for the captain.
    D) The captain was not the only team member to arrive late.
    E) Among others, the captain of the team got there late.

    2. I will not get my bicycle repaired here again because they charged me far too much.
    A) I would not have let them repair my bicycle if I had known how much they would charge.
    B) I'm sure there must be cheaper places that repair bicycles just as well.
    C) I should have asked them how much they charged before I left my bicycle with them to be repaired.
    D) It cost me so much to get my bicycle that I'll never go back there with it repaired again.
    E) Getting my bicycle repaired was very expensive, so I hope I will not need repairing again.

    3. Our team played extremely well, but even so, we lost.

    A) Our team played well but the other team played even better.
    B) Though our team won, the other side played extremely well.
    C) Our team deserved to win as we played really well.
    D) Though our team deserved to win as we played really well.
    E) Our team did not win, but nevertheless we played magnificently.

    4. I have read nearly all of Dicken's novels, and A tale of Two Cities is my favorite.

    A) In my opinion, A tale of Two Cities is quite the best of all the novels by Dickens.
    B) Of all the novels by Dickens that I have read, and that's most of them, A tale of TwoCities remains my favorite.
    C) I've read a lot more novels by Dickens and still think A tale of Two Cities is the best.
    D) I've really read a great many novels, have not enjoyed any as much as Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities.
    E) Of all these novels, A tale of Two Cities by Dickens is certainly the one I enjoyed reading most.

    5. You really must leave at once if you want to catch that train.

    A) You'll miss that train unless you set off immediately.
    B) So long as you leave soon you'll be in plenty of time for the train.
    C) The train is about to leave, so you ought to hurry up.
    D) You could have caught the train if you had left immediately.
    E) If you leave at once you might just manage to catch the train.

    6. John finished his homework before I was even half-way through mine.

    A) When John's homework was finished, mine was not even half done.
    B) By the time John had finished his homework I had hardly begun mine.
    C) I did half of the homework and then John finished it.
    D) When John's homework was finished I started to do some of mine.
    E) John finished his homework quickly, but I had twice as much to do.

    7. On sunny days I always feel more cheerful, and so, I think, do most people.

    A) I've often noticed that on sunny days you see a lot more cheerful people.
    B) I can not understand why people feel more cheerful when the sun shines.
    C) Once the sun comes out I am sure we shall all start to look more cheerful.
    D) I suppose most people are like men and feel more cheerful when the sun shines.
    E) Like many people I become very happy as long as the sun shines brightly.

    Answer Keys;
    1.C, 2.D, 3.e, 4.B, 5.A, 6.a, 7.D [/ FONT] [/ B]

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